How it all began

Are you a business owner frustrated by a lack of confidence, knowledge, or progress when it comes to sales? Or, unsure of how to position your business against the competition?

I help business owners develop easy-to-apply sales strategies to elevate their confidence, skills, and sales. In working with me, they become empowered, knowledgeable, and confident they have a sales strategy that works.

Coaching to unlock your sales potential

I’m Steve Donnellan, a purposeful sales coach for intentional business owners just like you. If you work hands-on in your business and are not 100% comfortable with selling, or struggle in some way with sales, then you’re in the right place.

You’re passionate about your business and have committed everything to it, but a frustrating thing called ‘selling’ can sometimes come between you and your dream.

You know your business has more potential but don't know where to focus.

Imagine knowing what steps to take and never being in doubt again.

You need a roadmap and the guidance of someone who has travelled that road before. This is where ideas and actions come together to create transformation and success.

It’s here we create a new story for you and your business. And we put that story into action.

Steve Donnellan cycling

Confessions of a sales geek!

Early in my career, for close to a decade, I worked in
marketing and studied to gain a Diploma in Marketing. Then fate led me to sales, where after a shaky start, I learned how to apply a blend of sales and marketing that created happy customers and generated more sales. Lots more sales.

Moving from Australia to Ireland in 2003, I was able to apply my successful sales strategy in new roles. Over the following years, I generated tens of millions of dollars in sales across different industries.

After decades of experience in sales, if it wasn’t enough to be geeking out reading books on selling and listening to the latest sales podcasts, I went back to school to complete a Diploma in Sales Management (UCD Professional Academy).

In my day job, I mentored colleagues and became a trainer for the sales team. My sales geekery led me to discover a passion for teaching sales methodology and skills and a touch of sales psychology.

Finding my calling

I’d often dreamed of going out on my own and starting my own business. However, I hadn’t previously uncovered what that line of business might be.

There was no flash of inspiration, but over a period of months, it became clear my sales, marketing and coaching skillset had significant value. Through guidance from a mentor and research, I found that many small business owners struggled with sales.

It was here I felt a connection, an area where I could make an impact, helping business owners get rid of the struggle and build the businesses they desire.

When I’m not helping business owners to create a sales strategy to achieve their goals, you may find me on a bike, either mountain biking in the Dublin and Wicklow hills, or road cycling on the back roads close to my home.

Steve Donnellan mountain biking

Sales coaching to unlock your sales potential

There is no shortage of information on any subject in this digital age. The problem is knowing where to start and how to apply what you discover.

Valuable insights on their own are not enough. There must be transformation, and that comes from putting ideas into action.

This is the whole purpose of my coaching methodology – working with you to apply proven action steps to help you go deeper with your customers, and set your sales soaring, by winning and retaining more business.

My Mission

I work with business owners and solopreneurs whose struggle with sales leaves them short of their revenue goals. When they work with me, they gain the tools and confidence to take their sales from underperforming to excelling. They gain clarity on the direction of their business and how to be authentic with selling. They gain direction, skills and a clear roadmap to make their sales and profits soar.

My Vision

To lead and inspire business owners globally to realise their unlimited potential.

My Values

Inspiring – create a space where business owners expand their understanding of the purpose, vision, and potential of their business.

Passionate – for learning, coaching, collaboration, and growth.

Service – to exceed customers’ expectations.

Knowledge – to continuously expand knowledge, experience, and skills to deliver results that inspire.

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